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1st PO

Weverse release: September 4-11, 2022

ETA to PH:  End October 2022


Familiar Yet New, From Kim Namjoon to RM

Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and RM “Entirety” Release


“Entirety” uncovers who Kim Namjoon really is and who RM really is.

The photobook will show the calm and relaxed side of Kim Namjoon and the powerful, charismatic and wild side of RM on stages. It expresses many other sides of him as both a young man and an artist, along with his deep thoughts between the two, revealing RM’s view of his true self as an artist.


This photobook which incorporates artworks is an artwork itself. The 80-page photobook, featuring a number of visually stunning locations in LA, comes with a mini poster, folded poster, stamp, photocard, random photocard, and two bookmarks as a special item set. There is also a special “hint” photos that will make ARMY get excited for what’s to come next.


Each member of BTS participated in planning, outfit selection and the direction process for their own photobook to show their unique style and characteristics. Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and RM “Entirety” of BTS Special 8 Photo-Folio Series will be available for presale on August 25 and officially released on September 5.


*This photobook was made using naturally dissolved paper, eco-friendly ink and biodegradable PLA packaging material.



1. Pet Cover + Photobook

Size: 220x280mm / 80p

2. Mini Poster

Size: 200x150mm / 1ea

3. Folded Poster

Size: 410x550mm / 1ea

4. Postage Stamp

Size: 150x200mm 1ea

5. Photocard

Size: 55x85mm / 1ea + Random 1ea of 3ea

6. RM’s Item (Bookmark)

Size: 30x105mm / 2ea


※ Please bear in mind that sizes and contents may differ depending on any issues with the production company.

※ There may be cracks, discoloration and stains as the product is made with eco-friendly materials.

※ Please recycle products with PET covers.







[ON HAND] Me, Myself & RM Photobook


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