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BT21 Tiger Dolls - KOREA Release

Special BT21 Plush Toys for the Year of the Tiger!


*RJ and Shooky acrylic box has some minor dents incurred in transit


The Korean version is different from the Japan release. The dolls are slightly bigger and they come in an acrylic box.



Koya - 210 x 130 x 280mm (200g)

RJ - 190 x 140 x 340mm (300g)

Shooky - 210 x 90 x 140mm (200g)

Mang - 200 x 120 x 250mm (270g)

Chimmy - 210 x 140 x 270mm (200g)

TATA - 220 x 140 x 320mm (280g)

Cooky - 190 x 130 x 350mm (200g)


Due to the characteristics of the product, the actual design or color may differ slightly from the product photo.

[ON HAND] BT21 Tiger Standing Doll - Korean Version

PriceFrom ₱1,350.00

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