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D'ICON finally released a BTS JAPAN SPECIAL EDITION with a photo book "BEHIND".
The book has 40 more pages than the original version, and has been re-edited to include 150 previously unpublished photos, including scenes taken at Las Vegas.


OPTIONS Available:


Package Set - Sealed and includes the full contents

Photobook Set - Includes the Sleeve, Photobook, and the Original 5pc Pencil Set

Member Set - Includes (1) Double-Sided Photocard, (1) Lenticular Postcard, (1) Pin Button




1. Photo book

  • The cover and photobook itself and the special features are written in Japanese instead of Korean.
  • The original sleeve has been changed and photos have been re-edited for the Dicon JAPAN SPECIAL EDITION.
  • The paper quality has been changed to a high quality specification to achieve a high quality finish.
  • Including about 500 photos. Premium photos taken in LA, off-shoots from the "DNA" jacket and music video shoot, complete coverage of their appearances at the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards, and for the first time ever, a private "summer vacation" shot in Las Vegas.
  • A moving interview with the seven members in over 10,000 words about their debut, from their unfortunate days as trainees to overcoming hardships and bashing, and the "fateful scene" that made JUNGKOOK cry.
  • 40 more pages and 150 more unpublished photos


2. A set of 5 pencils specially made for Dicon's JAPAN SPECIAL EDITION.
3. Lenticular postcard set with premium size: 7 cards
4. High quality double-sided photo cards made of break-resistant plastic: 8 cards
5. Pin button set with original photos: 7 pieces



PriceFrom ₱200.00