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MY BTS DIARY is a Korean language learning package with a diary concept that allows ARMYs to read and imitate the messages that BTS has posted on SNS so far.We have prepared this article to help ARMYs who have wanted to truly understand BTS's message and express their feelings to BTS in Korean.MY BTS DIARY's 'Diary' is an abundle of love letters/memos instead of a journal or a calendar, borrowing the Korean expression 'Love Jean'. Thing.

The package consists of two books, From BTS and Dear BTS.

From BTS collects all the messages that BTS has sent to ARMY so far by theme. You can check the simple explanation of Korean words and grammar that you can understand from BTS's message, and you can try to imitate BTS's message and write it directly.Dear BTS consists of various activities in which ARMYs can convey messages directly to BTS in Korean. Review the sentences in From BTS and use them to convey your own unique Korean message.* MotiPen is applied to the FROM BTS teaching materials of this product.*If you have a MotiPen, you can tap the book on the MotiPen and listen to the Korean sentences in the voice actor's voice.*Only the purple MotiPen can be used, and the black voice pen is not supported. Please note. (Added on 2/6)*MotiPen is not included in this package. Can be purchased separately.* The product may look distorted or the color may differ depending on the resolution and color settings of the monitor.* When measuring the size, errors may occur depending on the characteristics of the product and the measurement method.


Size (mm):Package : 150*206*34

From BTS 145 x 205 / 182 pages

Dear BTS 145 x 205 / 128 pages

Sticker Pack 1EA(Envelope 130 x 145,

Sticker 130 x 130)