Size (cm): 8.2 * 23.8

Material - Wind Chime: Steel; Wire: Brass Fish Plate, Triangle Ball: Zinc Alloy


The cutest wind chime in the world with a taiyaki-type wind chime. It is a product that fully reflects the taste of RM who actually likes wind chimes. The bell is engraved with the characters written by RM, "Landscape of a wind chime".(In Korean, the same word is used for wind chimes and landscapes.)


ARMY JOGGER PANTS (Black or Grey)Please indicate the size for the jogger pants in the field provided. Available sizes are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.These basic style jogger pants can be worn casually in everyday life. Reflecting RM's taste, the jogger pants are made of thick and solid fabric so that the knees do not hang down, and the lining is made of fleece material, so it has a warm finish.The black jogger pants selected by RM have a blue ARMY logo embroidery as a point under the front pocket. The gray jogger pants selected by RM have a baby pink ARMY logo embroidery as a point under the front pocket.The waist strap is placed inside to minimize discomfort, and the word "by BTS" written by RM is printed on the end of the strap. With a slim fit that's not too loose or tight, the pockets are deeply crafted for ease of use.


* The products come with a photo card and a making log recording the production process.

[KR ADDRESS LENDING] RM Wind Chime & ARMY Jogger Pants