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For Beginner Students Package includes:

(1) Book

(1) Workbook

(1) MotiPen

(1) Hangeul Flash Card Pack

(2) Hangeul Poster

(1) Masking Tape

(1) Sticker Pack


Manufactured in: Korea


Please Note:

• If the speaking pen does not power up, try recharging the battery.

• Failure to use the enclosed USB cable while charging the Speaking Pen may be a cause for a malfunction.

• Please note that sound data will not be recovered if the Speaking Pen is connected to a PC via a USB link and the data stored in the pen is altered or deleted.

• The Speaking Pen sensor is capable of reading text at angles from 45° to 110° from horizontal. Holding then pen lower than 45° or past 110° from the page, may lead to a drop in recognition rate. • Using the speaking pen outdoors in direct sunlight, may adversely affect the sensor's recognition rate.

• Keeping the pen less than 1.5cm away from the page after touching, the target content, may result in repeat playback.

• Covering the Speaking Pen's sensor with your fingers or other obstructions of the sensor may prevent the pen from properly reading the text.

[PRE-ORDER] Learn! KOREAN with TinyTAN Package

  • We like to keep everyone happy so we try our best to check for the quality of the products and deliver your items in perfect condition. There are certain items that are not covered by returns / exchanges nor warranty once it is outside of Korea, so we make sure to check the items before they leave Korea to check for damages. Since some items are on a pre-order basis, we do not offer returns due to a customer's change of mind.

    Please be sure of your intent to purchase before placing an order as we can not accept cancellations for pre-ordered items.

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    Cut-off dates for pre-orders will be announced on our website per batch. Normal ETA is 4 weeks after the batch leaves Korea. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there may be unexpected delays that are beyond our control, but we will keep you updated should there be any changes in the shipping schedule.