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Supplier release dates (both YG Select and Weverse):

Albums and Kit - Release: Sept 10, 2021; ETA to PH: mid to late Oct 2021

Vinyl - Release: Dec 27, 2021; ETA to PH: end Jan to early Feb 2022


LISA has taken the first step in her solo career.In just the title, “LALISA,” containing her own real name, fans and music listeners can fully sense her confidence, pride, and love for herself. LISA has already established herself as an icon of pop culture. The time has now come for her to demonstrate her new talents and capabilities. LISA personally participated in the design of her first single album, “LALISA,” which includes the packaging, photo book, photo card (1 of 4 shipped at random), instant photo (1 of 4 shipped at random), and more. High in collectible value, this first release limited edition also contains a Rare Golden Ticket (shipped at random) and a Rare Golden Ticket. LISA’s first single album, “LALISA,” is available for pre-order on August 26 and will be released at YG SELECT and online/offline record shops in South Korea on September 10.

[PRE-ORDER] LALISA First Single Album

PriceFrom ₱1,255.00

    * The 4x6 photo is included if purchased via YG SELECTION and not Weverse.
    * The double-sided poster varies for each version. 1 first release limited edition poster is provided per order. (In packaging)
    * 1 of 4 first release limited edition Rare Gold Photo Cards is shipped at random. (In packaging)
    * What is the first release limited edition Rare Golden Ticket?
    - The first release limited edition Rare Golden Ticket is a special ticket that is randomly inserted into a limited quantity (50) of the first release limited edition albums. Those who receive an album containing a golden ticket will also receive special benefits. Information on such benefits will be announced later.


    * KiT ALBUM is a new convenient product that allows listeners to enjoy music by just clicking KiT on a smart device, without the need for a separate driving device. 


    “LALISA” Vinyl LP [LIMITED EDITION], LISA’S First Single will be produced in limited quality from August 26-September 9 for orders for which payment has been completed.