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* ENHYPEN 1st Studio Album 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA' composition

- Odysseus version

- Weverse POB, Jungwon PC

- Jungwon. HYBE Insight Lucky Draw PC

- CD :  W120 H120 (mm) 

- PHOTO BOOK :  W150 H210 (mm) 

- LYRIC BOOK : W100 H148 (mm) 

- PHOTO CARD : W54 H86 (mm) | 1ea of 8ea (Random)

- HOLOGRAM PHOTO CARD :  1ea of 7ea (Random)

- MINI POSTER (Folded) : W450 H210 (mm) | 1ea of 7ea (Random)

- STICKER : W150 H210 (mm) | 1ea

- POSTER (First Print Only) : W570 H390 (mm) | 1ea

- OS PLAYER CARD (First Print Only) : W496 H120 (mm) | 1ea

- INSTANT PHOTO (First Print Only) : Limited | 1ea of 330ea (Random)



- Posters will be packed and delivered in one poster tube. Please take extra care when taking the poster out of the tube, so that the poster does not get damaged. Weverse Shop will not accept returns or refunds due to minor crumples.

- QR card for the verification of purchase on Weverse Shop & survey participation is only included in the first round of albums.

[ON HAND] ENHYPEN 1st Studio Album 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA' (Jungwon PC)