Release Date: April 25, 2021


Film Viewer Device Kit

Say Hello Reel


Since these items can only be purchased using ARMY Membership, we only have limited quantities for pre-order. And because of that, we are offering a KR address lending service. This is how it works:

1. You must have an official ARMY membership in Weverse to be able to purchase this product.

2. Once we've confirmed your payment for the fee, we will send you the details of our Korean address which you can input into your account and use upon checkout. We will assist you on how to properly input the Korean address in hangul.

3. Please note that each fee is a per-item fee. If you have multiple items to order, kindly checkout per item.

4. Send us your order confirmation from Weverse (via email or via our IG account) as well as the delivery date of the product/s you ordered so we can track your order.


ETA to PH is 4-5 weeks after the batch leaves Korea.

[PRE-ORDER] BTS Official Film Viewer

PriceFrom ₱220.00